Our designers can create custom interior signage and exterior signage of varying sizes, shapes, and materials to be used for multiple purposes.

Interior Signage – Lightweight, Durable Indoor Signs

Interior signage or indoor signs can be very useful in providing information about products, services, sales, events, and much more. They are also often used to assist people with navigating within and around office or commercial buildings. For indoor signs, we recommend designing signs using foam board and styrene (PVC), as they are lightweight and durable materials.

Exterior Signage – Large, Durable Outdoor Signs

Exterior signs are crucial for consumers to identify your business or organization. Proper design, text, size, colours, and font are all very important factors that can be used to attract a target audience. We recommend using sintra for outdoor signs, as it is a very durable material and stands up well to changing environmental conditions. We design outdoor signs of every size and can print smaller signs, but for the printing of large exterior signage we partner with reputable sign makers.

Design of Graphics for LED Screens

We have the experience and capabilities to design graphics for LED screens often used as a more effective and attractive communication device for advertising products, services, and important information to a target audience inside and outside of buildings. LED advertising screens are commonly near or at the road, used for perimeter advertising, and displayed in and around areas such as waiting rooms, lobbies, cafeterias, cinemas, stadiums, arenas, bars and pubs, airports, shopping malls, conventions, tradeshows, outdoor festivals, etc.